About Me

A little bit about my self personally. I’m a mom of 5 -Boy Mom ( 🤰🏽of 🐲s) by default. I definitely tried for a girl, but I have a wonderful step daughter. I am a true Leo in every sense of the Leo way.

I loathe gossiping and small talking in groups cue the exit music. I’m better one on one. But I love speaking – That’s my introvert /extrovert conundrum. I love to have deep conversations on just about any topic as long as the other person also has a deep sense of knowledge in the subject. I can totally be mentally stimulated an in awe of intellects. I think it’s such a great vibe and energy to connect with someone on a deep level it’s a gem because it’s so rare that that happens. So when it does it’s so nostalgic and memorable for me. I’m definitely a pretty nerdy girl I love to read. I am an audiobook pro. Die hard Game of Thrones fan. Some of my favorite things to do outside of being a mom is decorating my home, exercising on my peloton bike, swimming, roller skating, and traveling. I also enjoy spending the day soaking up a good audio read or podcast while practicing my self care rituals.

Are you into enneagrams? Well, I am a 2 “The helper” with 2w3 wing which is “The Host” both obviously appropriate for the role I’m playing now as a blogger… helping you while helping myself. Very accurate personality tests to me. It did speak to both my strengths and weaknesses and showed me where I need to focus my growth on. Have you tried taking the test? If so what’s your result?

Quotes that gave me AH HA moments

“What has been; does not define what will be; Don’t be afraid to reimagine your life.


“No one is you”! “That is your SUPER POWER!


What if does work out for you just as you imagined or greater? Entertain that thought.


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